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The Lines

Jerry Line
The Jerry Line is ideal for beginners and kids. Jerry, the creator of the line, has never built it too steep, never too rough and never too tight. There are only 300 meters of difference in elevation from the trailhead to the trailend, but in between are 4,2 km trail fun for the whole family.

Hammer Line
Thanks to a few jumps and some nice back and forth action, the Hammer Line guarantees airtime and variety at a length of 1,9 km and 165 meters in height. The line is the shortest one in the Brixen Bikepark, but awesome fun indeed.

Palm Pro Line
The Palm Pro Line is hand built from top to bottom and a dream for fans of difficult lines. The line challenges advanced riders with some features, jumps and steeper passages. The name stands for the breathtaking view from Palmschoß facing the UNESCO world heritage of the Dolomites.

Sky Line
The Sky Line is the longest line in the park. It is well and truly fast, due to its length demanding in terms of fitness, and it requires good control. The line starts at the mountain station Plose and leads over nearly 1000 meters down to the valley station. The benefit: a breathtaking panoramic view to Brixen.

Brixen Bikepark Map

Brixen Bikepark Lines
Brixen Bikepark
Brixen Bikepark
Brixen is starting off into a new era in the sector of mountain bike.