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Ride Fair

Respect local rules and regulations
Do not cycle off road to avoid erosion damage. Use only approved roads and trails and respect local restrictions and regulations in order to avoid conflicts with landowners, those responsible for maintenance of trails and other users.

Pedestrians have right of way
Respect pedestrians by announcing your presence right away and slow down. Stop if necessary. A friendly greeting promotes acceptance. Cycle in small bike groups and avoid trails that are heavily used by hikers.

Leave no traces
You can prevent soil erosion and damage to trails by braking gently so that the wheels don‘t lock. Take your rubbish with you and do not make unnecessary noises.

Think of the animals
Twilight is feeding time for wild animals so cycle in the daylight to avoid disturbing them. Approach animals at a walking speed and close cattle gates after you.

Control your speed
Adjust your speed to the situation! Ride carefully and be ready to brake, because unexpected obstacles can appear at any time. You can learn biking and brake techniques in mountain bike courses. 

Ride Fair
Respectful towards each other