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St. John-Church in Cornale

General description

Beneath St. Andrä, in a charming position on a hill, the small church of St. John the Baptist is situated in Karnol. Mentioned already in 1133, the renovation and the decor of the 15th century characterize the little house of God.A tender net- vault covers the inside, that impressions with cycles of frescoes of different periods. Beside the life and the death of the church patron John, the works of mercy and some saints, the martyrdom of the saint Ursula is of extraordinary quality.The representation in the apsis dates back to the Renaissance (around 1520), it shows the return of the saint Ursula with 11,000 virgins from Rome to Köln, where arrow riflemen of the Huns’ king Guam kill her. The wide scenery of the frescoes is flanked by John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

Cornale - Karnol
39042 Cornale - Karnol
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