Wine, apples and chestnuts in Bressanone impress visitors and locals

Wine, apples and chestnuts

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Bressanone and surroundings impress visitors and locals with delicious fruit, in particular grapes used for making fine wines, apples and chestnuts.

Wines from valle isarco
Valle Isarco is the northernmost wine-growing region in Italy and the southernmost in the German speaking area. The history of winegrowing in Valle Isarco dates back to the 5th century BC. In the Middle Ages the monasteries were famous for their wines. The soil is a mix of slate, gneiss, granite and gravelly-sandy moraine soils. The high silicate content gives the wines their characteristic mineral flavour. The region grows predominantly white wines which renowned guides classify as the best wines in Italy.

Apple paradise
Crispy South Tyrolean apples thrive in the sunny locations around Bressanone. The fruit containing plenty of vitamin C and minerals are a real fitness food and a healthy snack. In spring the apple blossom is a feast for the eyes, in autumn the view of the ripe fruit is an unforgettable image.

On the orographically right side of the valley, on Monte Ponente towards Velturno, you find an expanse of large chestnut orchards. Chestnuts are valuable fruit that are ideal roasted or in fine chestnut dishes: Look forward to chestnut soup, chestnut pasta, chestnut mousse and other delicacies.
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