Facilities in Bressanone

Facilities in Bressanone

Twice as flexible

Whatever you’re planning: for conventions, meetings, sport events, large congresses, incentive events, exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars and workshops Bressanone is just the place for you. The cathedral town is perfectly prepared for all kinds of events. The proximity to the local mountain Plose (2,500 m) and to the UNESCO World Heritage of the Dolomites offers conference participants plenty to do and see.

Convention centres in Bressanone:

Augustinian Monastery of Novacella
Via Abbazia / Stiftstrasse 1
39040 Novacella/Varna - Neustift/Vahrn
Brunogasse / Via Bruno 2
39042 Bressanone - Brixen
Forum Bressanone - Brixen
Via Roma 9 - Romstraße 9
39042 Bressanone - Brixen
Conventions, conferences and seminars in Bressanone
Conventions, conferences and seminars in Bressanone
Bressanone is proud to be the venue for the following conventions, conferences and seminars.
Twice the pleasure.
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