Liora. The preciousness of an instant

Liora. The preciousness of an instant

Christmas 2021 at the Hofburg in Brixen

This year, a very special cultural event will take place in the courtyard of the Bishop’s Palace of Brixen, the Hofburg. "Liora. The Preciousness of an Instant" is created in collaboration with a team of artists from Brixen and this winter brings light, joy and music to the otherwise silent walls of the Hofburg.

This is a completely new show, made of lights and music, where two actors in the flesh will interact with the images projected on the Palace, will sing live and will bring the audience into a world of emotions and magic. This year's production doesn't just come from the pen of a woman from Brixen. No, the actors, song lyrics and some of the compositions also come from Brixen. The magical setting and light projections were once again created by French lighting artists Spectaculaires - the creators of Soliman's Dream. In a new winter fairy tale, Liora, TickTack and other characters will enchant visitors with lavishly colored images, specially composed music by Stephen Lloyd and live singing and take them on a truly extraordinary journey. The story of this year's show deals in a fresh, light and at the same time profound way with the theme of time and points to its unstoppable progress. The script, written especially for Brixen, explores the question of how futile it is to cling to happiness, lock it up in crates and put it in chains, when happiness cannot be captured. Like everything, happiness and joy have a life cycle that cannot be artificially prolonged. Through the fairy tale, the audience is invited to listen to themselves, to pause and experience and feel the precious moments of happiness in a conscious and intense way.

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Liora Light Musical Show
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