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Astrid Gamper | Sonya Hofer: ...und die Wasser teilten sich

Astrid Gamper | Sonya Hofer, Italy
...and the waters parted, 2020

The ecclesiastical border between the archbishopric of Trento and the diocese of Brixen ran in Klausen along the Tinnebach. This border existed until modern times and only in 1803 with the secularization it lost its importance. This and the story of Moses, who divided the water, are the inspiration for the artistic intervention, which shows the ambivalence of the sea. Thus, the sea is understood as a spatial structure that connects individual continents. Man is free to move back and forth and to travel the whole world. On the other hand, for many people, the sea is an insurmountable barrier where many people perish. The water is not "divided", but strikes over them.