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Brigitte Kowanz: Delight

Brigitte Kowanz, Austria
Delight, 2008

Brigitte Kowanz focuses on light as a visual phenomenon and its properties as an optical medium. She uses light as an artistic design tool that is set in containers, scattered over surfaces or forced into fixed formations. Brigitte Kowanz contrasts the fugacity of light with the clear structure of mathematical sign systems or codes such as the Morse alphabet.
Her handwriting, translated into neon elements, also serves as a means of pictorial information, whereby the title and subject of the picture often form a unity, as in the case of the light object "delight", in which the artist creates an ambiguous statement through different processing of the picture carrier. In her play with different levels of meaning, Brigitte Kowanz uses light as a malleable material as well as a medium of deepened perception and insight.
"Perception is translation, art is transformation - an interplay of showing and imagining, in which at the same time the criteria and premises of this experience become transparent.” Brigitte Kowanz.

Häusler Contemporary München Zürich