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Claudia Reh: Light and water for the flowers

Claudia Reh, Germany
Light and water for the flowers ... or: How to create a paradise, 2020

No matter how the transcended ideas of paradise as a garden and life in it changed, water was and is the central element. Without water no life, no growth. Water keeps things in balance and creates movement and change. This should not only be visible but also experienced in the large-scale light installation by Claudia Reh. Visitors of the festival are invited to join the artist in creating a personal little paradise out of a desert-like (image) landscape during evening live painting performances. Trigger will be analog projection of water, flowing, dripping, moving in waves or simply standing still. Like a signal, this water projection initiates the picturesque growth of various plants on the walls of the building being played. After each performance, the developed "garden" remains visible for a while before the images return to the desert, to the wasteland.