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Cracking Art: Water on the fire

Cracking Art, Italy
Water on the fire, 2020

The work is based on the Gasse des Feuers (Alley of Fire), which leads from the Eisack to the former watering place of Klausen and was originally a shortcut between the source of the fire and the water source.
Water on the fire consists of a multitude of tropical fish, whose colours and shapes are reminiscent of the flames of a fire.
The depiction of an animal that is completely atypical for the area is a conscious decision of the artists' collective, which thereby builds a mental bridge to climate change and the tropicalisation of weather events. The fish are spreading in the old town of Klausen and are already present, just like the warming of the earth and the sea and the rise of the sea level. Can the water of the former trough still extinguish the flames?