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Ivo Schoofs: Inverse Frequency

Ivo Schoofs, Netherlands
Inverse Frequency, 2020

Inverse Frequency is an interactive installation by Dutch artist Ivo Schoofs and invites visitors to explore the issue of climate change.
A dome of helium balloons extends over the Herrengarten and finds its centre above the fountain of the garden, where a large blue balloon floats. All remaining balloons are illuminated with red light and represent the vibrating photons of the sun.
The water running from the fountain falls spirally into the water basin. The water itself is illuminated with stroboscopic light just above or below the frequency of the water drops. This results in an optical illusion: depending on the light frequency, the water seems to run up or down.
The light frequency is controlled by a handle next to the fountain which can be operated by the visitors. They become decision-makers themselves on the future of climate change.