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James Turrell: Tall Glass Series

James Turrell, USA
Tall Glass Series, 2007

James Turrell is one of the most renowned contemporary artists due to the singularity of his artistic approach and his diverse presence in international exhibitions and museums.
Since the 1960s he has dedicated his entire oeuvre to the manifold manifestations of natural and artificial light. Turrell penetrates the limits of human perception by making light as an artistic medium tangible through installations, light-spaces and light-pictures. The timelessness and fascination of his works are based above all on the idea of making light as a form of reality sensually perceptible, without the detour via symbolism or pictorial representation.
In the "Tall Glass" series, which was developed using Zumtobel technology, the artist creates large-format "light pictures" made of glass as a consistent further development of the room installations made of light that have long dominated his work. In a gradual colour progression, "Tall Glass" focuses the suggestive effect of light on a limited area of space, thus enabling the viewer to experience the extraordinary visual experience typical of James Turrell's work in a private environment.

"The work is made of light. It's not about light or an image of it, it's light. Light is not something that reveals, it is revelation itself." James Turrell.

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