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Massimo Uberti: Battistero d’oro

Massimo Uberti, Itaky
Battistero d’oro, 2020

The Italian artist Massimo Uberti builds on the unusual heptagonal basic structure of the fountain, an octagonal building, which in its form and shape is evocative of the typical baptisteries. He sets a balancing counterpoint to the unusual structure of the building and gives the existing fountain a new form and function. The filigree construction consists of fine, gold-coloured metal tubes. Windows and doors of the baptistery consist of bent neon tubes.
With "Battistero d'oro" Uberti builds a bridge to a Christian tradition, which was particularly widespread in Italy and gave great importance to baptisteries. The octagonal floor plan of the baptisteries is based on an eschatological thought: on the first day of the week (Sunday) Christ rose from the dead, and so the original first day of creation was regarded as the eighth day and day of new creation.