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Petra Polli: The right to choose

Petra Polli, Italy/Germany
The right to choose, 2020

The installation consists of several cotton lanes, which are hung up for drying like fabrics in dye works. A video projection can be seen on these natural cotton sheets showing a river in the new trend colour. The textile industry devours large quantities of water and pollutes the environment. Water pollution is a major challenge, especially in textile refinement. Toxic tanning sludges and dyer's residues from the textile industry enter the rivers unfiltered in many places, so that the new trend colour of the coming season can already be seen in the colour of the rivers. The consequence: millions of people do not have clean drinking water and are plagued by disease. For years, catchwords like " cheap is cool" and "fast fashion" have determined our buying behaviour. Collections change in a short time and tempt us with low prices. What contribution is each one of us prepared to make?