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Refik Anadol: Bosphorus

Refik Anadol, Turkey
Bosphorus, 2018

The relationship between simulation, reality and the pursuit of understanding is largely reflective. In the stories we tell and in the worlds we build, we constantly construct mirrors that offer meditations on our identity while becoming part of nature itself. As Philip K. Dick says: "Reality is that which does not disappear when you stop believing in it. A simulation is what does not stop when the stories disappear. The stories are responsible to our human desire for a solution, but a simulation is only responsible to its own laws and initialisation conditions. A simulation has no morals, no prejudices and no meaning. Like nature, it simply is."
The Bosphorus is a data sculpture inspired by the high frequency radar data collections of the Sea of Marmara provided by the Turkish National Weather Service at 30 minute intervals. The data acquisition of 30 days of sea surface activity was transformed into a poetic experience.