Jota AracĂȘ & <br> Ulisses Dias

Jota AracĂȘ &
Ulisses Dias

Born in Araraquara / Brazil, he started to spray the first graffiti on buildings and walls at the age of 14. He studied communication sciences, worked as an art director in an advertising agency and then realised his dream of working as a street artist. Since 2013, Jota Aracê has devoted himself exclusively to his own artistic work, which draws attention to nature and his own cultural roots. In his interactive urban art projects, viewers are not just observers but become an integral part of the murals.

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Ulisses Dias is an actor, filmmaker, musical producer from Portugal. Owner of the Slingshot and NAU Indentidade communication agencies, he describes himself as a dreamer always ready to develop sustainable, innovative projects that give him pleasure. He is also director of the BANG short film festival for animated films, with participating artists from all over the world. 

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