Ludik Energie

Ludik Energie

Ludik Energie is a french event agency, specialized in sustainable development. Ludik Energie organises a large variety of original workshops and events to raise awareness about energy use and sustainable mobility. All the activities organised combine new technologies, fun and interactive entertainment. One of their most famous concept: ‘100% human energy’ activities.

What are ‘100% human energy’ activities?
With '100% human energy' activities, people use their body to generate electricity. With bikes, hand cranks and kinetic floor, they can power their favourite entertainment systems : a big cinema, a DJ sound system, a light show, …
Human powered activities allow the public to be an essential part of the show. This positive implication symbolises the power of people for a more environmentally friendly world.

How does it work ?
Each generator can produce an average of 50W. The number of generators installed change according to the power required. Ludik Energie technology doesn’t use any batteries but can be safely connected to the public grid. An energy meter calculates the energy produced and the energy consumed.