AliPaloma & Markus Hinteregger: mɪrə

AliPaloma & Markus Hinteregger: mɪrə

AliPaloma & Markus Hinteregger:
mɪrə, 2019

The installation mɪrə is based on the Greek myth of Narcissus. As a reminder: Narcissus, a handsome, coveted young man spurns almost anyone who wants to approach him. Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, punishes Narcissus’ cold-heartedness by causing him the same suffering. When Narcissus looks into “a spring with silvery waves”, he breaks out with his own image, which is mirrored by the surface of the water. Bent over his reflection, he is complaining desperately that he cannot own it. Love completely pines over him, he dies. His body disappears and in its place a flower opens with a saffron flush, whose heart is surrounded by white leaves and from then on it bears his name.
mɪrə reflects the timeliness of Greek mythology in a period in which social networks such as Instagram and Twitter are a narcissistic breeding ground par excellence.

WLF 2019 - Artist Alipaloma at her installation mire (c) Pierluigi Orler