Andreas Siefert: dropshadow 2(.)0

Andreas Siefert: dropshadow 2(.)0


Andreas Siefert: dropshadow 2(.)0, 1999-2019
interactive video projection

How many dimensions does your shadow have?
Does the shadow really belong to you or where could it disappear?

Through the light of the video projector, each person entering the scene casts a shadow on the opposite white wall. If the person does not move for a few seconds, its shadow is 'frozen'. Instead, if the person moves again, the shadow stops on the wall. If the person leaves the scenery, it is accompanied by its silhouette, but the image remains on the wall. After a short time, this will change in an unpredictable way or be overlaid by shadows of other visitors. Storing the outlines of a person, that can be materialized as digital traces, symbolizes the means of modern monitoring technologies. The shadow of a person is part of it, although it is not a part of the body. It is not tangible, not material, has no surface, no colour, no volume. Nevertheless, the shadow is inevitably connected to the human - and yet it can be stolen and alienated.

The installation plays with seeing, without being seen, monitoring, saving, controlling, observing, leaving a mark ...

Special thanks to: Daniel Berger & Frieder Weiss