Dominik Rinnhofer: Watertracks

Dominik Rinnhofer: Watertracks

2019_WLF_Dominik Rinnhofer

Dominik Rinnhofer: Watertracks, 2007
interactive videoessay, Video, 20 Min., Loop

The video shows images of people who get canisters of water from a source in Ruanda. In order to get fresh drinking water, a walk of up to eight kilometres, two to three times a day, is part of daily life. The people are shown with canisters on their way to the standpipe; then on-site the process of filling the canisters and the subsequent way home. In addition, maps showing the distances are shown. The video is projected onto a water basin so that its reflections appear on the house wall. Watertracks muses on the accessibility of water, which is not self-evident for everyone. The provision of this livelihood determines the daily routine and social fabric of societies such as those of Butare.
Visitors can draw water from the nearby well and let it flow into the water basin. The turbulence of water influences the projected image, light and water create an interplay, Rwanda and Brixen commingle on the house wall.

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(c) Dominik Rinnhofer - Watertracks. Interaktiver Videoessay (2017)