Georg Ladurner & Raphael Hanny: Photon Phog

Georg Ladurner & Raphael Hanny: Photon Phog

2019_WLF_K√ľnstler Georg Ladurner & Raphael Hanny

Georg Ladurner in cooperation with Raphael Hanny: Photon Fog, 2019

The installation Photon Fog decorates the fountain on the square in front of the Hotel Elephant with a radiant fog phenomenon. The central fountain of the well is replaced by a controllable nozzle assembly that creates a homogeneous drizzle. A space in which visitors can immerse is created through light and water. During the day, the fog presents a dense 3-dimensional phenomenon that assumes a spectrum of dynamic shapes and flow patterns. In the nocturnal play the fog structure is rayed with light waves. When the photons hit the fine particles of water, the reflections make various patterns visible. The resulting surfaces and rays represent an abstraction of various data and facts about the element "water". The artwork connects water and light digitally as well as analogue. Without the waterdrops the light picture remains invisible to the visitor, which brings the importance of water into Focus.

The nozzle technology for Photon Fog comes from the company EmiControls of Bolzano. Their subject area are tailor-made solutions to fight dust, odor and fires - for which smooth water mist is best suited.