Giampaolo Talani: Notte del marinaio

Giampaolo Talani: Notte del marinaio


Giampaolo Talani: Notte del marinaio, 1994

Notte del Marinaio is a work of Giampaolo Talani. In the centre of the representation is the figure of a sailor and a shimmering moon, which plunges the clear night in a full blue. The figure is clutching a sailboat. It is alone, not in favour of breaking the waves but to glide along them. The water of the sea symbolizes the flow of time, the drifting of individual experiences and events in a person's life.
Growing up in Tuscany, the sea and its characteristics accompanied the artist throughout his life, placing the water and the human being at the centre of his creative work and repeatedly putting both elements in a stimulating dialogue with each other.


Poems of Gianpaolo Talani:

The night of the sailor

The sea looked like a painting today.
Silent and white, without time, fixed on a flat background with small sails on the horizon, without wind…

The day of the sailor

Know that you never go and never return, you just stay, quiet, blinded by these big suns.

Return to the night of the sailor

Look for the sea and look into the distance; look for the eyes and explore the hearts. The truth lies in deep sleep, on dark nights, in individual moments.
Listen to your silence and if there are voices ... then we can sail together as before.