Moradavaga: Deep Ziggi

Moradavaga: Deep Ziggi


Moradavaga (Manfred Eccli│Pedro Cavaco Leitão): Deep Ziggi, 2019

There is an almost forgotten medieval story which is about a mysterious being. According to the tale a giant octopus has been hidden in the historic "deep Ziggl in the outer lane" many centuries ago. The reasons for it are unclear, but the fragments of an anecdote reveal that the creature has been brought from distant waters by traveling sailors as a gift to the people. However, the former town council did not want to make friendship with the well-tuned creature, whereupon he decided to let the "alien being" disappear immediately. So, in a foggy night the giant octupus was thrown into the "deep Ziggl" in Stuffels. Many decades later, in 1906, when the fountain was removed, the last memories and stories about the octopus faded away.
After the fountain was rebuilt in 1993, according to an old model, hardly anyone could do anything with the strange sounds coming from the fountain. But now Deep Ziggi seems to have found the way up again.

Deep Ziggi joins the Moradavaga's series of the found giant octupus. After sightings on the Azores islands in Portugal, Taipei in Taiwan, Plymouth / England, a new octopus in Brixen now seems to find its way to the surface.

Sound and technical support by Manuel Oberkalmsteiner and Daniel Spitaler