Ruediger Witcher & Stefano Peluso: Atom (h)earth mother

Ruediger Witcher & Stefano Peluso: Atom (h)earth mother

2019_Stefano Peluso, RĂ¼diger Witcher

Ruediger Witcher and Stefano Peluso: Atom (h)earth mother, 2019

The work Atom (h) earth mother gives a new meaning to the fountain on the Hartmann square and transforms the original form and use of the fountain into an art object that communicates directly with the viewer. The simple and circular form of the object evokes a planet which beneath its shimmering surface contains a fragile equilibrium that is subject to its own elemental forces. Inside the artwork there is a force governed by the laws of nature. The power of water plays a fundamental role. Ruediger Witcher and Stefano Peluso want to sensitize the viewer for a respectful use of natural resources and draw attention with Atom (h) earth mother to the indispensability of the water for the planet Earth.
In cooperation with Elektro Huber and with the kind support of Huber´s specialized wholesale trade.