Stefano Cagol: Ice Melting Ice

Stefano Cagol: Ice Melting Ice


Stefano Cagol:
Ice Melting Ice, 2019
Neon, Plexiglas, metall
The work of artist Stefano Cagol from Trento refers to the global warming and the resulting inexorable melting of glaciers. At the intersection of Eisack and Rienz, the water stream of the two rivers merge and become a torrent runnel, which flows down the valley at high speed. Cagol positions his mantra on the small headland between the rivers: Ice melting Ice, a flashing neon tube installation that draws visitors' attention to the disappearance of the glaciers. Nature and artwork fecundate each other and merge into an overall picture. Thus, the warning flashing letters of the installation become a memorial, which draws attention to the inevitable continuation of time. With Ice melting Ice, Cagol is once again addressing the topics of climate change and the resulting consequences.