Stefano Cagol: The Ice Monolith

Stefano Cagol: The Ice Monolith


Stefano Cagol: The Ice Monolith, 2013
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The Ice Monolith was made by the artist for the Pavilion of the Maldives on the 55th Venice Biennale and serves as a reflection on the disappearance of the glaciers.
On the occasion of the Water Light Festival 2019 and the Water Congress Festival dell'acqua, Cagol illustrates a video showing the performance of Venice.
In 2013, Cagol placed a block of ice weighing one and a half tonnes from the Alps on the banks of the lagoon city. The ice needed 72 hours to completely dissolve. Due to the steady rise of the sea level, Venice is in danger of sinking under the sea, as well as the archipelago of the Maldives.