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Butch-ennial - Contemporary Art Group Event


The South Tyrolean Künstlerbund presents THOUGHTLESS in the City Gallery Bressanone
An expansive installation of the artists´ collective Butch-ennial- Contemporary Art Group Event

Butch-ennial – Contemporary Art Group Event – is an independable project of a group of South Tyroleans and actors from all over the world. Ruediger Witcher, Hannes Vonmetz Schiano, Marco Pietracupa and architect Stefano Peluso, who share their passion for art. In exhibitions and installations of work of art, the group explores the relationship between original inspiration for art and the references, contexts and physical locations in which the artwork is to be exhibited.
The collective Butch-ennial is a multidisciplinary group of different professions working with private and public institutions. The group works in a variety of contexts, preferring unconventional, hybrid locations where socio-cultural experiments are possible. These "locations" are reinterpreted and filled with foreign, new life, mostly temporary. Disconnected elements are linked together. In this way, ideally, economic and social added value can arise.

Organizer SKB funded by the municipality Bressanone www.kuenstlerbund.org

Opening: 7th of May at 18:30
Opening hours: 8th-25th May daily from 10 to 12 o'clock and from 21 to 23 o'clock

Fish point of view
Immersed in the density of water, immune to the four dimensions, they float without floating, sink without sinking.
Seven fish like the seven mute notes.
Symbol of liquid serenity, perhaps similar to meditation, perhaps similar to the calm folly of the spectacle.

Water point of view
Furrowed fabric never cropped. Timeless space materialization. Place of maternal departure and of pure neutral arrival.
An unexpected lake that invades our usual rooms.
Symbol of solid serenity, perhaps similar to creation, perhaps similar to the calm folly of the spectacle.

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