Signal to the future

Signal to the future

On the occasion of the International Day of Light, May 16th 2020, the organisers of the Brixen Water Light Festival powered by Durst have send a signal of hope and confidence with an exclusive artistic performance. An artistic performance by the Italian artist Stefano Cagol took place at 5 am on the Cathedral Square in Brixen. Just when night gives way to day, Cagol lighted sea torches, which immersed the entire square in a red light.

Through this universal signal of emergency call, presence detection and active communication, the artist draws attention to the current time marked by the pandemic and immediately sets a sign of hope. "Signal to the Future" is based on a minimalist, quiet, but extremely present and refined light effect, which, through nautical distress signals in the hands of the artist, becomes a social and at the same time artistic statement.

Performance powered by Alperia | produced by Brandnamic
Signal to the future | Stefano Cagol